International cooperation

TRUST Advocaten is a co-founder of the international partnership BRIDGE, enabling us to support your business on an international level. We have partners in Wallonia and France, as well as law firms we work with closely in our neighbouring countries.

Additionally, we are a member of the LEGUS INTERNATIONAL NETWORK, a global network of diverse independent law firms where information, strategies, processes, and visions are shared.

As a result, we are your trusted point of contact for international and cross-border matters.


Mediation is an efficient and positive approach to a conflict or dispute, where parties reach an agreement through negotiation. TRUST Lawyers can proactively intervene in mediations. Our firm counts with accredited mediators and experienced negotiators for family, corporate and employment law matters.

Debt collection

Customers unwilling or unable to pay are a source of annoyance for any business owner. Besides, it is often time-consuming for a company to follow up on debtor management internally. 

No problem. Just send us your unpaid bills. It will be our priority to get these invoices paid amicably. If necessary, however, we will not hesitate to involve a bailiff and follow the matter up on your behalf. 

Thanks to a digital platform developed by JUST.INC, you can monitor your case at all times with your personal login.

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