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How long do you wait for the customer to pay your bill?

Internal debtor management takes up a lot of your and your company's time. You can also call on a collection agency or a bailiff, but their options are limited. For efficient claims, your case is in better hands with a debt collection lawyer. If necessary, we go on where a collection agency stops.

As a professional debt collection specialist, we work with our own digital platform and determine the strategy in your debt collection files. Of great importance are regular reminders, text messages and telephone calls, based on structured and positive communication with the debtor. If these remedies are exhausted, and payment cannot be settled amicably, we will also act as a lawyer and follow up the case for you with the bailiff.

You can follow up your case at any time via your personal login to our collection platform.

Debt collection Trust

TRUST debt collection experts

Professional and efficient


As a professional debt collection specialist, we work with an in-house developed software package and determine the strategy in your debt collection files to obtain an optimal collection result.


Clients have 24/7 access to the online portal and can follow up the file from A to Z.


Internal monitoring of receivables management is often time-consuming for a company. We make every effort to collect your invoices as quickly, efficiently and cost-neutral as possible, acting as a one-stop partner.


Efforts are always made to collect your unpaid bills in a respectful and customer-friendly manner.

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