TRUST Lawyers has years of expertise in family law and property law. We diligently handle your divorce, your questions regarding alimony, inheritancelaw and descent. In addition, we have also built up special expertise in settlements and distributions of estates.

Mediation and discretion are of utmost importance to us. Discussions take place at our offices or online if required. The wishes of the client come first.With our years of experience both in mediation and in court, we can advise you correctly in family cases.Don't hesitate to contact one of our specialists.

Divorce - end of cohabitation

  • Collaborative divorce(CD
  • Divorce due to irreparable disruption (DID)
  • Liquidation and distribution in case of divorce
  • Urgent measures (separate residence, restraining order, debts)
  • Personal maintenance contribution during and after divorce
  • Cessation of legal and de facto cohabitation
  • Liquidation and distribution after cohabitation

Child residence and maintenance scheme

  • Family court petition - permanent referral - changed circumstances
  • Joint or exclusive parental authority
  • Main residence and domicile of children
  • Visitation arrangement for children (week/week - uneven)
  • Hearing children
  • Police investigation - social research
  • Child maintenance contribution- distribution child benefit
  • Fiscal co-parenting - tax dependency of children
  • Agreement- drafting parenting plan

Family mediation

  • Approved family mediator
  • Mediation prior to proceedings
  • Appointment mediation during proceedings
  • Mediation in the context of divorce
  • Parenting mediation


  • Paternal recognition
  • Disputing paternity
  • DNA analysis


  • Full adoption
  • Normal adoption
  • Step parent adoption


  • Validity of will
  • Establishment of inheritance reserve
  • Liquidation and distributions

Property law

  • Inheritance and estate planning
  • Advice on marriage contracts
  • Gift law: hand gift, bank gift, indirect gift, gift under charge

Juvenile law

  • Assisting minors in troubled parenting situation (TPS)
  • Assisting minors in crime of defined offences (CDO)
  • Assisting minors in restorative mediation
  • Assisting minors in municipal administrative sanctions (MAS)

Administration and CSR

  • Petition for administration
  • Appointment of administrator
  • Petition for collective debt settlement
  • Appointment of debt mediator

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