Anouk Maes


  • Earned a master's degree in taxation after her law studies and after all these years still a solid member of the TRUST Lawyers team
  • Assists people in divorce, termination of cohabitation, residence and child support arrangements, liquidation - distributions after divorce and of estates
  • Is a recognised lawyer in juvenile matters and trustee
  • Prefers a negotiated settlement, but does not shy away from bringing matters to court

General areas of law

  • Law of persons and family law
  • Liquidation and distributions
  • Family property law
  • Insolvency law


  • Lost her heart to education and is a member of the school board of vzw Prizma (school group Izegem, Lendelede, Ingelmunster)
  • Likes good food and literature

"If you know how to read then the whole world opens up to you"

mr. Anouk Maes mr. Anouk Maes