The IT, IP and GDPR team consists of experienced legal professionals who have extensive knowledge of the IT sector, intellectual property law, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG/GDPR) and cybersecurity law. We offer a wide range of services, including customised advice, contract review, legal support for IT projects, compliance audits and litigation.

We understand that the business landscape is constantly evolving and the legal challenges faced by companies are becoming increasingly complex. That is why we keep up to date on the latest developments in IT, IP and GDPR, so that we can always offer our clients the best possible legal support.

Our services are fully tailored to your specific needs and we work with you to protect your business against legal risks and litigation today and tomorrow.

If you are looking for quality IT, IP and GDPR legal services, contact us today. We are here to help you.


  • IT projects
  • ICT contracts
  • Software development
  • ICT audit


  • Compliance
  • Contracts
  • DPO
  • GDPR audit


  • Web shop
  • Digital services & market
  • Online advertising
  • Negative reviews
  • E-audit

Intellectual property

  • Intellectual rights
  • IP advice
  • IP contracts
  • IP disputes
  • IP management
  • IP audit

Cyber security

  • Legal framework
  • Advice and assistance
  • Cyber crime
  • Cyber audit

Media & entertainment

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