VDV becomes TRUST Lawyers

VDV Lawyers has now become TRUST Lawyers and, of course, this rebranding also involves a new logo and a new corporate identity!

With this name change, we want to present ourselves as a firm that is firmly committed to solution-oriented, clear, humane and driven legal advice.

To further highlight the trustworthiness of our firm, our name will now become TRUST Lawyers. Thanks to our years of experience, knowledge and expertise in various areas of law, you can put your trust in us with peace of mind.

"TRUST a beacon of confidence"


Our values


A lawyer is primarily a confidant. Transparency, integrity and humanity are the values we continue to strive for as a firm.


We are proactively committed to our clients and defend your interests with sharpness, boldness and dedication. We diligently follow up on our files and are always available for feedback and consultation.


Our legal expertise is the cornerstone of our firm. We are a full-service firm with our various teams working very closely together to assist our clients optimally in their search for the right legal solution.


TRUST Lawyers always pulls out all the stops to achieve the best possible result. The client’s wish is always our first concern. We believe in solutions preferably achieved through negotiation or mediation; and, if necessary, through court proceedings.


The fee refers to the time worked on a file by the lawyer. By default, the fee is calculated based on a predetermined hourly rate. In certain situations, it can also be agreed to calculate the fee as a percentage of an item's value. Finally, it may be an option to set a flat rate maximum amount in advance.

TRUST Lawyers' fees consist of:

  • Opening and creating files
  • Correspondence
  • Decisions/summons/petitions
  • Handling email messages
  • Photocopies/fax/telephone
  • Travel expenses
  • Registered letters

The procedural costs (subject to VAT) and the expenses (not subject to VAT) consist of the sums advanced by the lawyer to third parties, such as the bailiff, the registrar, translators and public authorities. These costs are stated in detail in the statement of costs and fees.

TRUST Lawyers is a civil partnership in the form of a general partnership (vennootschap onder firma, VOF), with its registered office at 8800 Roeselare, Henri Horriestraat, 44-46, with company number 0544.823.957.

TRUST Lawyers has an office in Roeselare, at the same address. The Belgian lawyers working within TRUST are allowed to practise under the title of 'lawyer' in Belgium and are members at the Kortrijk Bar.

The insurance coverages of TRUST Lawyers are as follows: all lawyers of TRUST Lawyers and the VOF TRUST Lawyers are insured for professional liability for an amount of EUR 2,500,000 per claim through the West-Vlaanderen Bar Association. There is an additional "Professional Liability Lawyer" cover of EUR 5,000,000 per claim that exceeds the basic cover of EUR 2,500,000.

Our offices


Henri Horriestraat 44-46
8800 Roeselare

051 23 13 53



Minister Liebaertlaan 1
8500 Kortrijk

056 21 29 00



Kortrijksesteenweg 546
9000 Gent

09 277 70 20