Francis Vanhoonacker


  • After earning his law degree from KULeuven, tax sciences from E.H.S.A.L. in Brussels and completing notarial studies from VUB, Francis became a member of the Dutch-speaking Bar of Brussels in 1987.
  • His career started at LVP law firm, where he became a partner in 1995. The firm’s current name is Faber Inter Legal. In 1999, he set up a firm in Kortrijk.
  • In 2023, he joined TRUST Lawyers.
  • Francis has extensive experience in corporate and tax law, specialising in drafting commercial contracts, including M&A contracts and shareholder agreements.
  • He is a regular speaker at seminars organised by Infotopics and VOKA and was a guest lecturer on tax law at the European University of Brussels.
  • He represents Belgium in the international lawyers' network LEGUS LAW

General areas of law

  • Corporate law
  • Companies
  • Business in an international context


  • Passionate about contemporary art
  • President of Groeninghe Art Collection
  • Founding member of Fortyone Aeternum Kortrijk

"Ius est vigilantibus"

mr. Francis Vanhoonacker mr. Francis Vanhoonacker